Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Time Management Tips

We all need to be more organized and productive, Spending a lot of time wondering what to do. By the end of day achieved and accomplished nothing. Here , I am listing few tips on how achieve more with less. The time management is changing your mind set and behaviors, and not changing the time.

1. First, Find out where spend your time each day? Eg. 'Net surfing, reading email, facebook,junk email etc. The first step is to find out where you really wasting your time and find out on some of these activities.

2. Plan your most important activities and stick to it, ensure its done. Try to Create a simple "To Do" list

3. Action : most emergent skills of the professional world today, turn anything into actions, dont keep a lot of email in your inbox, and wondering about your pending activities, what to do, about it , just do it . its remind me of ex boss, told me once, whatever comes in your tray in, just put it on your tray out. Action is the KEY

4. Focus on high value activities, and schedule/Spends an hour on the most important things on to-do- list, some call it (Big Rocks).

5. Delegate some of your work, whenever Possible. I do delegate some of my tasks to my wife, but it cost me more.The more tasks you can pass on to other people, then you can focus on the important tasks.

6. Know when you work best

7. Learn new things which saves you time, learn using keystrokes;eg. The best use of the ALT key is to hit it once and look to the menu bar of your application. Notice that the first menu item (e.g. File) is highlighted.

8. Get Enough Sleep

9. Tips on shortcut keys to help you

• ALT+TAB - switch between programs

• ALT+F4 - close the current program and all related windows

• CTRL+TAB - switch between windows within the active program

• CTRL+F4 - close only the active window
• CTRL+C - copy the selected item (this works on files, text, images, anything!) • CTRL+X - cut the selected item
• CTRL+V - paste the copied or cut item

• CTRL+S - save your active document (do this often!)

• CTRL+Z - undo your last action

• CTRL+Y - repeat your last action or redo your last undo

• F4 - repeat your last action (this is the best tool in Excel when applying formats).
Well, i planned to finish this post in 30 mins, but took me almost 90 mins. but i managend to finish it. :) time management is chanllenging

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